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The first time I traveled alone was after a messy break up, I cancelled her ticket and used the money to fund my spending money. Maybe not the best reason to travel alone, but it got me out there and took away any fear of doing it again.

For the more confident there are definite upsides to traveling alone, including:

1. Solo travelling is a great learning experience; you are just by yourself which helps increase confidence and improve decision making skills

2. You get to do the things that you want to do. There is no need to compromise because of the group, and thus each trip may provide more enjoyment alone than it could in a group setting.

3. When you travel alone, you must interact more with people and strangers. Thus, you end up making more friends.

4. You are more likely to pick up some of the local language, as you may find yourself in situations where you have to try harder

5. You have control of the finances, no worrying about doing something expensive that you aren’t bothered about. Equally no-one can hold you back from doing the cool thing you want to do that costs a bit extra

6. Getting up when you want and doing nothing if you want to. Or filling a day with planned activities. Both help us to understand more about who we are and what we enjoy. Nothing helps with self discovery like solo travel

7. You don’t have to share the delicious local delicacies, and you always get to eat the last one on the plate!

8. You will learn new life skills – like when you can’t carry any more how best to ship stuff home and what stuff you absolutely need to keep

There is a definite trend among Millennials to travel Solo, with many using technology to facilitate meeting people as they move from place to place.

Life-long friendships are often built quickly on the road with like-minded travelers

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