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We all know the feeling of wanting to look good in our swimwear before a beach holiday. That motivation to hit the pavement, get the bike out, or head to the gym is like no other. As vacations become more adventurous however it is more important than ever to think about our fitness levels before we travel.

Some holidays can help us lose weight because we are forced to mind what we eat. Some countries are notorious for causing stomach upsets, and we do not usually want to miss a day or two of experiences while we worship the porcelain goddess.

Of course, any holiday that involves a lot of walking, hiking, or trekking is a great exercise for our body. As are skiing and cycling holidays, and any activity based vacation.

Even on a slower paced trip, travelling can keep us healthy in the following ways:

  1. It should be mandatory to have a healthy sit-down breakfast, which will kick-start our diet and digestive process for the whole day.


  1. Staying hydrated is of utmost importance, particularly when we are doing more physical exercise than normal, or when the weather is warm. The need for water only increases as our body tries to keep up with the extra strain that we put it through.


  1. The slower pace we adopt on vacations allows us to choose when we eat, so that we eat when we are hungry, and tend to feel full quicker as we take longer to eat our food.


  1. Travelling helps us achieve mental peace and rejuvenates our thoughts. As we distance ourselves from our everyday clutter of thoughts and work stress we become more relaxed, which directly impacts our physical health.


  1. Travelling makes us happy and staying happy is directly proportional to our health levels. Finland maintains a people’s happiness index as a parameter to understand the population in the country, because of the science behind this


The irony is that at the end of our trip we often look healthier than we did before we went, despite our best efforts to get fit before the holiday.

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With Thanks to Creative Coach and GoPlanner