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Adventure and activity travel are all very well, but sometimes we just want to step back a bit and slow down. Indochina and its neighbors provide a fantastic opportunity to do this whilst still experiencing their beauty and culture:

Nepal: Cradled between the huge and mighty Himalayas, Nepal is a beautiful country neighboring India. You can find snow peaks, streams, yaks and yetis, monasteries and magic in abundance there. It is also home to Everest Base Camp if you are feeling energetic


Vietnam: is blessed with natural beauty, unique heritage and rich history. Its low cost also makes it a popular choice for backpackers. The North is cooler and homes much of the cultural heritage left by the French, whilst the warmer South hustles and bustles as the centre of commerce.


Bhutan: Titled as the happiest country in the world. It features vast terrains and natural beauty. Monasteries abound and the national sport is Archery. Visitors are expected to meet a minimum daily spending limit as a means of deterring low cost tourism


Sri Lanka: Once known as Ceylon is a close neighbor of India and is popular for beautiful blue water beaches, mouthwatering cuisine and its special connection to Ramayan an epic Indian TV series. There are also elephants, trains and tea for the enthusiasts.


Laos: is popular for mountain terrains, Buddhist monasteries and beautiful French architecture. This Landlocked state is best known to may as part of the Golden Triangle

These destinations helps enable new perspectives on Life both through their laid back culture laden with smiles and a Joy in serving others.

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