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Aimviva Newsletter 5 September 2018
If you haven’t seen the Aimviva website for a while do take a look we now have a $20 starter pack as well as our individual and family memberships. We have also added a Blog as well as our Newsletter Archive
Reader Offer
Organic Essential Oils
As a frequent traveler, you know how exhausting travel can be.
The right combination of essential oils will help you rest, relax,  and sleep better. Put a few drops of your chosen essential oils on a piece of tissue and put it under your pillowcase. I recommend a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Petitgrain. Then you’ll wake up feeling energized.
HoPE Essential Oils is offering you a 20% Discount, until 31st October 2018, just click on – HoPE, register your details and we will send you the discount code.
Elma Pena – Co-founder, House of Pure Essence – The world’s authority on 100% organic essential oils and beauty oils – available online at https://www.houseofpureessence.com
Travel Tip
It is often not easy to book a flight at the times that you want using miles as seats are limited on each flight; but an air miles ticket functions like any other ticket in that it can be cancelled and re-booked.
On re-booking you are likely to be treated more like a full fare paying passenger in terms of date flexibility up to the end of the ticket validity period which is usually a year from when it was redeemed.
Dr Ronald Ng, Family Doctor from Neo Health Group, Central, Hong Kong.
Questions about Travel Health? – [email protected]
With recent out breaks of Dengue Fever in both Hong Kong and Bangkok, Dr Ron has kindly provided the following update for us: –
What is it?
This is a viral infection spread my mosquitoes. It is found all over southeast Asia (including Hong Kong), Indian subcontinent, Central & South America, Africa and Australia.
Is it Dangerous?  
In most people it is a mild infection and you get better without any treatment. In rare cases it can cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, difficulty breathing and bleeding – this eventually can lead to life threatening situations. It does not pass from person to person.
When should I see a Doctor?
Dengue typically gives you a flu-like illness 4-10 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. See a Doctor if you get symptoms within two weeks of travelling to infected areas. Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, headaches, rash and vomiting.
Preventing Dengue
The key is to minimize mosquito bites. Use 50% DEET mosquito repellent sprays (15-30% DEET for children). Avoid stagnant water and wear loose long clothing (mosquitoes can bite through tight clothes).
AirMiles Brokers
Most of us use frequent flyer programs, but are you aware that you can buy and sell miles? Most airlines will sell you a few thousand miles to top up to the next level, and with some programs you can nominate friends and family members whom you can use your points to buy tickets for.
Another route is to go to a broker who will be able to sell you miles at a bulk price. Technically this breaches the rules of most airline programs, but is NOT illegal.  So for example Asia miles which would usually cost you US 1.8 Cents per mile can be had for US 1.6 Cents through a broker and British Airways Avios which are normally US 1.8 Cents can currently be bought for as little as US 1.25 Cents per mile
Putting  that into perspective a return ticket from HK to London in Business Class could be had for 130,000 asiamiles flying Cathay Pacific which would cost US$2,340  or HK$18,205 plus taxes. The British Airways Avios system is not identical but appears to be even cheaper than this.
If you are interested, the BA program runs until November 9th. Contact [email protected] for more details
If you want to make the most of your miles ,and get tips on how  to earn the most miles per sector then you should definitely sign up for Flyertalk – the community for discussion of airline frequent-flyer programs, hotel loyalty programs and other issues related to air travel.
Reader Offer
Instarem are a fintech startup in Hong Kong specializing in foreign exchange remittances. They have given us a HK$60 discount for our members who choose to try out the service . Go to Instarem.com and use code AIMVIVA60


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