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What is a Nomad?

Dictionary.com says –

noun. a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply. any wanderer; itinerant.

The reality is supposed to be much cooler. You probably have a job as a freelance writer or photographer, or programmer. You are able to work from anywhere and so you travel at will, stopping for a while where you find comfort. and moving on when seasons change, or the people start to look too familiar

Many people are adopting this lifestyle part time, or even semi-permanently but with regular trips home to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as paying bills, and keeping up with medical check-ups and license renewals.

Others adopt a mobile lifestyle because they no longer need to work, many will have a base in several locations and travel between them all with side stops along the way. Your dream maybe to chase the most clement weather all year round or the snow, or even the waves.

The final set may be students, or recent graduates taking a gap year moving with the seasons, crop picking or instructing winter sports for a year before returning to a more normal lifestyle

What about insurance?

Typically travel insurance does not cover this kind of travel. A Single destination trip cover might cover 90 or 180 days but with either a single destination, or a planned itinerary.

Most policies will only cover you outbound from the country in which you buy the policy, and most annual policies will require you to return to your home territory frequently in between trips

International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI)  is an option for the wealthier Nomad – premiums can start as low as US$1000 for a year providing you are young and healthy and stay away from destinations in the USA

For older, less healthy individuals who may want or need to travel to  the USA premiums for IPMI can go to US$10,000 a year or more.

The answer then must be a more specialized form of travel insurance such as that offered by World Nomads, or Safety Wing but even these can be deceptively expensive. The level of cover for some benefits is derisory, and even at under US$40 a month the cost still comes close to US$500 for a year of travel.

How Can Aimviva Help?

Aimviva’s  club concept brings bulk buying rates to travel insurance. Our deep insurance knowledge allowed us  to develop a comprehensive travel policy, with meaningful benefits.

To date more than 10% of members have made a claim and almost all have been paid out. Aimviva regularly publishes both data and claims stories . We want people to see how and where the benefits might apply to them.

Standard cover is for a year with up to 90 days per trip – this 90 day limit can be extended for a small premium increase.

It is necessary to name a home country/territory but that can be changed during the year if needed.

Medical limits are a generous US$250,000 including the USA, and there is US$150,000 of personal accident cover built in.

Aimviva started out servicing regular travelers with core benefits, which include a global data SIM, free lounge pass and smart bag tag . These are just as useful whether you are  a corporate plane jockey, or a world nomad.

What else is Different?

Aimviva has an affiliate program, which allows you to get paid when you refer your friends. If this appeals it can quickly pay for your policy and even generate some handy pocket money on the road. Commissions can be paid to PayPal meaning it really doesn’t matter where you are when you make the sale.