January 2019

Offers, Tips, News Newsletter one year old Yes we have been sending out these Newsletters for a year this month. Our open rate remains high and we haven't seen huge numbers unsubscribing, so hopefully we are doing this right!   The more astute...

November 2018

Offers, Tips, News NEW WEBSITE After months of criticism about the old website we finally bit the bullet at our 1 year anniversary and splashed out on a shiny new website. The final newsletter of the year is a bit late as a result, we wanted to make sure we were live...

September 2018

If you haven't seen the Aimviva website for a while do take a look we now have a $20 starter pack as well as our individual and family memberships. We have also added a Blog as well as our Newsletter Archive www.aimviva.com Reader Offer As a frequent traveler, you...

July 2018

We were honoured this week to participate in the regular Hong Kong Rugby League Podcast. Neville Metcalfe (middle right) was kind enough to give Aimviva a plug as sponsor of both the Wanchai Warriors and the Hong Kong National Team. If you'd like to listen to the...

May 2018

Club News We are excited to have passed the 100 Member mark since our last newsletter, thank you to all our members for your support. Our Sponsored runner in the Marathon Des Sables Desert Race finished safely, congratulations to Dan Segal. We are proud to share the...

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