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Wanchai Warriors Rugby Kit 2018 Sponsored by The Aimviva Travel Club
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We are excited to have passed the 100 Member mark since our last newsletter, thank you to all our members for your support.
Our Sponsored runner in the Marathon Des Sables Desert Race finished safely, congratulations to Dan Segal.
We are proud to share the outline for the Wanchai Warriors Rugby Kit, which we have sponsored.
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Travel Vaccines
Dr Ronald Ng, Family Doctor from Neo Health Group, Central, Hong Kong.
Questions about Travel Health? – [email protected]
This month Dr Ron has highlighted the top 3 Vaccinations you should have if you are traveling in S.E. Asia. If you aren’t sure whether your vaccinations are up to date, this can be checked with a simple blood test.
  1. Typhoid
Typhoid is part of the Salmonella bacteria family which causes food poisoning. Typhoid is transmitted by food and drink that has been contaminated with human faeces or urine. This is more likely in areas where there is a poor quality of tap water. A booster should be taken every 3 years.
  1. Hepatitis A & B
These two viruses can cause infections of the liver and may cause long term damage. Hepatitis A is again from contaminated water or shellfish with faeces. Hepatitis B can be transmitted by sex and contaminated blood. There is a higher prevalence of Hepatitis B in South East Asian countries than in Western countries. A booster should be taken every 10 years.
  1. Tetanus
Tetanus can cause paralysis (the inability to move) that is caused by bacteria that is found in soil. It is spread from open wounds that come in contact in infected soil. This is essential if you  will be spending times outdoors on your travels. A booster should be taken every 10 years.
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Whether you want to listen to music while you are out for a run, in the gym, or lying on the beach, you can’t beat blue tooth headphones for comfort and convenience
Water-resistant DUBUDS can be used for up to 10 metres from your mobile phone.   The push button DUBUDS technology allows you to manage your music by pausing, forwarding your music on to the next track and to answer phone calls.  The In-built High Definition microphone allows you to hold crisp and clear voice calls.
The compact, magnetized, chargeable case ensures your DUBUDS can be charged for up to 12 hours.
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Indirect Flights 
When you book your big annual holiday have a look at using indirect routes using websites like and It is possible to get indirect flights cheaper than flying direct and include a 2-3 day side trip in another city. Even where it isn’t cheaper its worth a look – for example using I could get a side trip to Amsterdam for US$26 on the way to London and a side trip to Paris on the way back for US$50. It’s almost rude not to.
Smart Baggage Tags
Most  travel insurance will limit the amount that you can claim per bag in the event of loss or damage.
With the smart baggage tags we source from Point Links, there is a warranty on the tag itself meaning that if your bag gets lost within the airport system you can claim both the Warranty and the Travel Insurance Policy.
We highly recommend our members use this tag on any sports equipment that you are traveling with – losing golf clubs or a bicycle could easily cost more than US$1000 to replace.
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.Simple Trick to Heal Sun Burn

Whether you are going for a beach holiday, hiking, or cycling, your skin is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. If you don’t wear enough sun protection, your skin is prone to sun damage. The best way to heal sun damage is with the use of 100% organic rosehip seed oil
Simply apply it on the affected area twice a day.
best for healing sun damage?  It’s full of essential fatty acids and naturally occurring vitamins A, C, and E that nourish the skin, speed up healing and collagen production.
100% organic rosehip oil is pure, all-natural,
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