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Aimviva Travel Club Newsletter July 2018 travel tech
We were honoured this week to participate in the regular Hong Kong Rugby League Podcast. Neville Metcalfe (middle right) was kind enough to give Aimviva a plug as sponsor of both the Wanchai Warriors and the Hong Kong National Team. If you’d like to listen to the podcast then click here https://anchor.fm/league852
Since the last newsletter we have also been part of both the largest Tech Conference in Asia (RISE) – more on this below.
Hong Kong rugby League Podcast including Aimviva
TV USB ports in Aimviva Newsletter 4 July 2018
Travel Tip
One of the frustrations when you travel is not having the right adaptor with you. I only found out recently that most TVs have Powered USBs on the back or even underneath.
This means if you are in a conference room or hotel room and have your USB cable with you, then you can charge your phone and potentially other accessories like your spare battery!
I’m not saying you should do this but you could always walk into an electrical store and just connect in the TV section
Discounts and Free stuff
We provide all our members a 1GB data SIM solution from Flexiroam that cover 53 countries.
If you haven’t joined yet, or simply want a spare SIM card Flexiroam have kindly offered to provide them free to all our readers – you just pay for the shipping cost.
I checked the postage to Hong Kong and it is US$8.
Use the following link to access the offer, or click on the image =>
Flexiroam offer for Aimviva Newsletter 4 July 2018
Malaria Advice
Dr Ronald Ng, Family Doctor from Neo Health Group, Central, Hong Kong.
Questions about Travel Health? – [email protected]
Malaria is a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes. This is more common in tropical areas particularly near the equator. The highest risk period is during and after the wet season. You should check the ‘malaria map’ for the country you are visiting. These can be found on travel health  websites such as ‘http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk‘.
Prevention Tips 
  • Sleeping – Close windows or ensure there is effective screening on windows. If good air conditioning is not available then use a intact mosquito net that has been treated with insecticide.
  • DEET Spray – Use insect repellent containing DEET and remember to apply it several times a day. Ideally use it just before going to sleep too.
  • Clothing – Wear light, long sleeves and long trousers, particularly at dusk and during the night.
  • Prevention Medicine – Malaria medication can reduce the infection risk by 90%. This often involves taking medication before, during and after entering the malaria area Please consult a Doctor if you wish to consider prevention medication.
New Travel Technology
We have been having a bit of a technology overdose having attended the RISE conference in Hong Kong during July. Some of the promising travel technology that we discovered includes
Dotalk featured in Aimviva Travel Club 4 July 2018
One of the biggest problems when we travel is making ourselves understood. Startup DoTalk provides a real time translation solution for travelers in over 90 languages! DoTalk is free for the time being, Give it a try, you will be impressed
Airning featured in Aimviva Newsletter 4 July 2018
Airning.com help you to get compensation when your flight is cancelled or delayed, your baggage is lost, or your flight is overbooked. They are focused on Europe for now but this could be useful (and lucrative) if you are flying in and out of Europe any time soon
Travoasia featured in Aimviva Newsletter 4 July 2018
Travo Asia enables the home/private dining experience when you are traveling at the moment they only cover Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and India but I can definitely see this catching on
Kachick featured in Aimviva Newsletter 4 July 2018
If you find that you are always missing from family, or group photos because you volunteer to take the photos then get in touch with Kachick; they can help you find a photographer at your destination to take group photos at key landmarks or moments.
Gagfare featured in Aimviva Newsletter 4 July 2018
We have mentioned gagfare before – it stands for Get a Good Fare and enables you to hold future dated flights for as little as US$2 for up to 9 people right up until the ticketing deadline which is usually a week to 10 days before the flight. Perfect for planning overseas conferences or even the 2019 rugby world cup
Zublu featured in Aimviva Newsletter 4 July 2018
Finishing on a specialist note, we know that the Aimviva Group Travel Policy is attractive to divers, so those of you who partake should take a look at Zubludiving.com which specialises in Diving holidays in Asia. If you want to see something special under the waves these guys can tell you where and when to travel, and help you to make all the arrangements. They also support eco-tourism initiatives – Bonus!