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Aimviva Travel Club Newsletter July 2019 Image
We have been a bit slack with newsletters in 2019 but have been busy putting some new partners and features in place. Apologies if you have missed us.
Hopefully you got to benefit from our free e-book or our free lounge passes offers in the interim.
Lounge Access 
Many of you will have noticed that we moved to a cash-back lounge benefit in March, after our lounge provider LoungeBuddy was acquired by American Express. We are offering up to 50% cash back with a maximum of $25 on any paid lounge.
We have now signed a new contract with Arrture which gives our members a 15% Walk-in Discount at participating Plaza Premium Lounges. . To qualify you will need to sign up for Arrture membership here https://www.arrture.com/openEnrollment
Once you have signed up, let us know your Arrture membership number by emailing [email protected] and we will connect your Aimviva Membership.
We will still pay up to 50% or US$25 of the reduced lounge access price - meaning you could be getting as much as 57.5% discount on walk in lounge prices.
Aimviva Partnership With Arrture
sidebyside discount with Aimviva
Travel accessories brand Side By Side are a new Hong Kong based brand with some very clever organisers for travellers, they have kindly provided a discount for our readers.
When you check out simply enter the coupon code AIMVIVA10 at their website
Travel Technology Update
Last year after the RISE tech conference in Hong Kong we wrote a brief summary of some of the companies we had met. The post was well received so we thought we would repeat the approach this year. If you are a regular traveller you will certainly want to check out some of these up and coming players. If you missed the original Newsletter you can find it here
Trambellir specialise in medical tourism, including health checkups, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, hair and more. Their partner clinics are in global including Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, Thailand and Vietnam
Trambellir in Aimviva Newsletter July 19
Pokeguide in Aimviva Newsletter 2019
PokeGuide uses Augmented Reality which first came to prominence in the Pokemon Go game to provide directions for travellers and the directionally challenged.
The interface is remarkable and this is one App I can definitely see myself using
Travel bums is for all you camera addicts, providing a way of categorizing your travel snaps by  category, trip, country, date and so on. They have back up facilities and the option of whether to make your photos private or public.
Travelbums in Aimviva Newsletter July 2019
Gaidz in Aimviva Newsletter July 2019
Gaidz helps you plan your itinerary using AI. Enter a start time and a finish time and the things that you want to do, from a simple drop down interface and if you forget about things like food the app will remind you that you need to eat somewhere. Everything is then put  together including transport, time at each attraction and so on.
Roomsxpert.com aggregate room prices based on both b2b and b2c pricing making sure that you always have access to the lowest price hotel rooms.
They offer global coverage with 197 countries and 87500+ cities. Bookings are made direct on the hotel website, but at the Roomsxpert rate - so you can rest assured the booking is genuine despite substantial savings.
roomsexpert in Aimviva July 19 Newsletter
Portier Technologies in Aimviva July 19 Newsletter
Portier put phones into hotel rooms and white label the interface for the property.
We've seen similar technology before from HK based Handy Fone but whilst their model relies on advertising, the Portier platform is all about providing guest value, and opportunities to increase hotel revenues.
The interface is clean and the unlimited data on 4G Samsung handsets is a genuine guest benefit.
Wayfarer points allow you to create leader-board tables with friends and colleagues that track your loyalty points.
Who is the most loyal when it comes to airlines, hotels, and even coffee?
They also provide savings on hotels, car rentals, and more.
Wayfarer Points in Aimviva July 2019 Newsletter
HisoBus in Aimviva July 2019 Newsletter
Hisobus provide bus booking services in Thailand. Useful if you are headed to Hua Hin, Pattaya and other destinations away from the major airports.
They have a range of buses available from low end, fan cooled older models, to state of the art buses with full infotainment systems installed and of course aircon.
In a similar vein, GoByBus offer bus services from Hong Kong into China and Macau. Since the opening of the new bridge connecting the Greater Bay Area ferry bookings are allegedly down 30% with the bus being both cheaper and more convenient.  GoBy bus have plenty of routes to choose from, and offer instant ticketing online.
GoByBus in Aimviva July 2019 Newsletter


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