Travel to Chillax in Indochina

Travel to Chillax in Indochina

Adventure and activity travel are all very well, but sometimes we just want to step back a bit and slow down. Indochina and its neighbors provide a fantastic opportunity to do this whilst still experiencing their beauty and culture: Nepal: Cradled between the huge and...

5 top destinations for Medical Tourism

In recent years we have seen a real push at both the private and government level to attract tourists who have an interest in making savings on medical treatments by having them in lower cost economies. If you are from a high cost country like. the USA or Hong Kong...

9 Tips for Responsible Travel – Aimviva Travel Club

Travelling can be rejuvenating, enjoyable and mind opening, it is also helps you understand the world better. No one can ever travel enough; every time you go to a new place, there is something to learn, and something to ponder on. When you travel please don't...

7 ideas to make travelling your profession

Watching shows like "Bizarre Foods" and "The Getaway" looks glamorous and many of us have dreamed of being paid to travel. For many the only option seems to be to save and travel when we have enough money but there are more people traveling for work than just the few...

7 rules to Keep You safe while travelling

“One’s destination is never just a place, but always a new way of seeing things.” When we travel we are often going to places with different cultural expectations and possible a different language. It is important to stay aware of this and not forget that some things...

5 Favourite Travel Hacks – Aimviva Travel Club

Traveling is all about seeing new things, meeting new people and understanding different cultures. Before planning any trip we have to think about the cost and the comfort. Usually compromise is needed on at least one of them. Sometimes we may end up compromising the...

7 KickA$$ Ways to Save When you Travel

Are you waiting to get rich before you travel? Why not travel cheap and live your dream? Whether you can afford to travel is not a valid question. The real question should be, do you really want to travel? There are some things that you simply have to do regardless of...

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