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Travel Emergency – What do I do?

Travel Emergency – What do I do?

Travel Emergency - What do I do? We all learn the number to call for the Police or an Ambulance when we are toddlers. When we first travel overseas it seems strange when we realize that not all countries have the same emergency number. I grew up in the UK and...

8 Things To Know About Travel Insurance and Sports

Sports in this context can relate to any activity with a higher than standard risk. Examples might include: - Winter sports like Skiing and Snowboarding Cycling / Mountain biking Triathlon Hot Air Ballooning Parachute jumping Trekking Gliding from water or land...

Tips for traveling with elderly parents.

Thoughts of warm family moments, laughing together, and shared memories are all strong drivers for planning a trip with extended family. There is a lot of material online about traveling with toddlers,  but  the quirks of traveling with an older adult are seldom taken...

How Can I avoid getting Scammed on Holiday?

No matter where you are traveling, most likely there will be someone there happy to scam you.  We aren't suggesting  you should assume everyone is on the take, but some common sense and foreknowledge can go a long way. The Rose Scam If you get offered flowers while in...

How to pack for an overnight trip

How do you pack for an Overnight Trip? Back in corporate life I used to keep a carry-on bag packed, because I traveled so frequently. Honestly you don't need much stuff for an overnight trip. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes for an experienced individual to...

7 tips for flying with kids and babies

Traveling with Children is stressful - will they upset other passengers? Rocketing through the sky in a metal cigar can be a recipe for frayed nerves at the best of time, but none more so than the first time you travel with your little darlings. Like anything, the...

Should I get Travel Insurance?

We see a lot of people asking Should I get Travel Insurance on social media 80% of people worldwide travel without insurance. Maybe we think we will buy it later, or that the insurance offered by our travel agent, or airline is a rip off but for whatever reason the...

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