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How Can I Earn Money Abroad? (2020)

How Can I Earn Money Abroad? (2020)

How can I earn money abroad? If you are going "right now" you have a lot less choice than if you are planning for the future. There are jobs, and work that anyone can do, and you should be able to find on arrival - and there are careers that you can progress in, and...

Is Travel Insurance a Scam?

Is Travel Insurance a Scam? We see this question asked all the time, all over the internet. There is a genuine belief that travel insurance is some kind of scam, so we have decided to share some numbers. We run a travel club with a few hundred members. Our most valued...

Bus Travel Is Also Cool

Whilst Air Travel may be fast, comfortable and easy, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider a road trip by Bus for your next trip; Boarding Ease: You don't need to check in an hour or two before your journey when you take the bus, and there may be a stop...

HodoPhobia – Fear of Travel

A phobia is simply described as an irrational or obsessive fear. Just as described, a phobia sounds very unreasonable to someone who doesn't have it, but can be a genuine restriction to the phobic. Hodophobia is a type of phobia that has to do with fear and avoidance...

10 Most Dangerous Places to Visit in Asia

As travel becomes easier it is easy to overlook safety issues. We jump on a plane and go, and most of the time everything is fine. Some places however have a higher share of crime than others. Following on from our recent piece on the safest places in Africa and in no...

5 Reasons To Travel By Sea

The world has gotten much smaller because of air travel, and that is generally a good thing. Its important to consider other modes of transport for a number of reasons including, cost, ecology, and sometime simply just slowing down and making the most of the journey....

10 Safest Places To Visit in Africa

When it comes to travel, many tourists have blacklisted Africa. It is important to remember that Africa is one of the largest continents and is made up of many different countries - most of which are considered safe. It is good to do your research but don’t hinder...

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