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The Aimviva Travel Club Newsletter 6 November 2018

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Aimviva Newsletter 31 January 2019

HonG Kong Chinese New Year Lanterns – January Newsletter 2019 – Aimviva Travel Club

Newsletter one year old
Yes we have been sending out these Newsletters for a year this month. Our open rate remains high and we haven’t seen huge numbers unsubscribing, so hopefully we are doing this right!
The more astute among you will recognize that it is in fact no longer January – we are late.
In trying to improve the benefits to our members, we missed our deadline – for which we apologize.
You can unsubscribe any time using the link at the bottom of the email.
Increased lounge benefit
Our Lounge discount codes have expired.
We have made a decision to increase the discount from 30% to 50% but rather than staying with Loungebuddy we will pay this as a Cash Back benefit.
We are capping the cash back to US$25 each visit and as per the previous benefit it is only available to the member.
Please visit Aimviva.com/benefits for more information

As we approach the Year of the Pig which commences on Feb 5th, we are about to see a massive mobilization of people on the Mainland, many of whom will travel overseas for the first time.
Many of the surrounding countries also celebrate, will you be traveling?
If you aren’t yet an Aimviva Member but travel 3 times a year or more then we would like to offer you a special discount – you can use the coupon code PIGDISCOUNT until the end of February to get a 10% discount off of the normal joining price

Chinese New Year Newsletter

Adventure sports cover
Despite our roots catering to small business owners who travel on their own dime, we have coincidentally purchased a group travel policy that has amazing cover for adventure sports.
If you are into Scuba diving, Winter Sports, Climbing, Water Skiing, Hot Air Ballooning, Skydiving and other high adrenaline activities why not drop us a note and see whether we can cover you at our standard price – it would be much more cost effective than the “specialist” companies that advertise this kind of cover.

Aimviva January Newsletter Excella Travel Skydiving

Imagine this, you reach the drop zone in confused excitement and your hear your heart pounding in your throat as you see the other participants jump to nowhere. Your turn now to jump out of a plane from about 10,000 feet above ground level and say a prayer that the parachute opens at the right time. The moment arrives when nothing else in the world matters. You leap out of the plane like a free bird, enjoying the wind and gliding in the thermals . Time stops.
Then a landing. Feet first …
Congratulations on completing your skydive!
Our friends at Excella Travel have limited space for this experience with a skydiving camp in Hungary held from 20-26August 2019.
For further details contact : [email protected]

Hey Travelista
Aimviva January Newsletter Hey Travelista CNY offer

Hey Travelista negotiates directly with luxury 5-star hotels so you save 30-70% off their retail rate, together with value-added inclusions (eg breakfast, free spa, F&B credits, etc) – no hidden extra fees.
Special CNY Promotion till Feb 9, 2019!  Save an additional 12% off from the already discounted web price.
How to enjoy the CNY promotion: Go to www.heytravelista.com , sign up as a member with the following details: 1) Partner Code:  AIMVIVA18 ; 2) Promo Code: CNY88


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