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Traveling with Children is stressful – will they upset other passengers? Rocketing through the sky in a metal cigar can be a recipe for frayed nerves at the best of time, but none more so than the first time you travel with your little darlings.

Like anything, the more times you do it, the easier it gets. You son realise that even a complete melt down doesn’t cause the problems you imagine pre-travel, and the worst moments we live through become the best stories as we mature.

We aim to share some of the tips we have been given, as well as some personal favourites. Hopefully these help allay your nerves.

General Travel Tips with kids

Give your contact information to children

If a child is lost in spite of your best efforts, then please make sure they have your contact information.

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • local address

For small children, the best way to share contact information is with a note in their pocket. If they do not have a pocket, then put a little card in their belt loop or stick it in their shoes. For very little ones a phone number written on one arm or leg and an email on another is a good fallback.

Travel with basic medicines

If you children are likely to get sick on a bumpy bus ride, or if are allergic to a new type of tree pollen, then please pack some over-the-counter medicines including:

  • Headache Medicines
  • Allergy medicines
  • Stomach disorders
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Other medicines that may apply to your family or specific travel

Whenever possible, take your medicines in their original packaging, especially in prescription medicines, so they don’t cause concern at immigration

If you are traveling long haul speak to your doctor about Ambien for children, it may save you a week or two of sleepless nights when you come back

Determine Your Family Travel Preferences

For older children, sit down and discuss your thoughts and interests. Travel experts have found that the most successful family holidays are those, which include the whole family in choosing the destination.

This is also a good time to start explaining things like budgets.

Be Flexible when travelling with kids

Travelling with children and avoiding holidays during peak season trip can save significant time on flights and hotels. If you children have a good attendance record, you may be able to consider travelling outside the school holidays period.

Family Travel Hotel Tips

Choose a child-friendly location – Stay in a safe central area, which is close to local attractions, food shops, beaches, parks and preferably within walking distance.

One of the great features of the Booking.com website is that you can search by family hotels.

Hotels with kids clubs are a godsend with older kids

Tips for Flying with kids

  • Feed your baby when you are taking off and landing, it helps to adjust their ears for changes in cabin pressure. For older children a boiled sweet will encourage them to “suck” which balances the inner ear pressure
  • Put children in their pyjamas for sleeping, read them a book, and make sure they have their favourite toy or blanket.
  • If possible, fly direct on long-haul flights. Converting flights into mid-way at night is not helpful for anyone. You want to come as fresh as possible.

Booking for Baby

  • If you are booking a trip for a baby bear in mind that you will probably pay something even though they are not having their own seat. This may be calculated as a %age of the full price fare, so if you have discount tickets can be a shock
  • You may not be able to book for baby online -i.e. you may need to call the airline, or book through a Travel Agent who will call the airline for you
  • Try to book Bulkhead seats and tell them that you are traveling with an infant. This should allow you to use the Bassinet
  • For bigger babies, there is a weight limit on the Bassinet. Don’t worry, still try to get the bulkhead and then make up a “nest” on the floor.
  • Failing all other options baby may end up on your lap for the entire flight. I’ve done this long haul and it isn’t as bad as you think. Nothing ever is.
  • Typically airline staff are super helpful with babies, and other passengers are a lot more understanding than you might think


After the first time you won’t worry about flying with the kids again – they get easier as they get older and can play the in-flight games and watch a movie. If its really stressing you out take a short hop and get it out of your system. you will enjoy the long haul flight more.

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With Thanks to Creative Coach and GoPlanner