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Are you waiting to get rich before you travel? Why not travel cheap and live your dream? Whether you can afford to travel is not a valid question. The real question should be, do you really want to travel?
There are some things that you simply have to do regardless of whether you have a lot of money to spend or are tracking every penny. We hope our 7 tips will help your plans: –

1) Plan early:
Research pays off, whether it’s working out the best time to book tickets (Tuesday mornings for flights apparently) or the cheapest way to cross town without walking. Join local social media groups – ideally for expats where your questions will be entertained rather than tolerated. Time allows you to customize the perfect plan, which will boost your confidence!

2) Prioritise your needs:
Understand what you really need to get by when you are planning; simple food & water, shelter, minimal luggage (remember you can do laundry). This will help you out to carry your needed belongings with you.

Do think about what is different, do you need sunscreen, is the climate colder (warm clothes) are these things cheaper, or more expensive where you are going, or are they even available

3) Look for budget accommodation or “free stay”:
Firstly look for friends or family who stay where you are heading for your vacation. Before you look at hostels and serviced apartments check out Airbnb and couch surfing sites – and also try social media groups in your planned destination – sometimes people are looking for house or pet sitters.

Of course you have an advantage if you are a recognized travel blogger as you may be able to convince a hotel or hostel to allow you to stay for free or give some heavy discounts in exchange for a blog. Other alternatives include staying a little further out of town and even considering camping – buy a tent once and never worry about holiday accommodation again.

4) Cook your own food:
This is definitely easier when you stay with your friends or relatives or even in service apartments. By preparing your own food while travelling you save money as well as being able to choose healthier food. Some destinations can be very expensive to eat out, even with junk food.

If you do need to eat out, try to eat local food which will usually be cheaper than tourist fare – look at where the less affluent locals are eating – probably in a back street rather than on a main square or thoroughfare.

5) Book Flights at the lowest fare:
Airfare is one of the biggest costs for international travel; think about the number of ways you can save money and plan early. Do your research and make a list of budget airlines that serve your destination, and use sites like airwander.com or kiwi.com to understand where a connecting flight may be cheaper. If you don’t have restrictions on where you are going, or timing then sign up for airline special offers such as Cathay Pacific’s Fanfares which come out every Tuesday – be careful about where you may need a visa

6) Always travel on public transport:
Public transport is usually the cheapest way to travel, other than walking. It may also be safer, although a little research can confirm this before you travel. Getting in a gypsy cab alone could lead to all kinds of travel in most cities, although now we have Uber where drivers are supposedly vetted.
When you travel with residents, you will get to understand the culture, get to know people closely and most importantly you can make cross-cultural friends. By doing so, you will bring a lot of memories home with less money.

7) Participate in travel reward programs:
Many reward programs allow you to transfer miles/points for example your hotel or credit card program may let you transfer points to airline miles.
With the right attitude, prior planning and a bit of flexibility, we are sure that there won’t be anything which will stop you from living your dream. So, what are you waiting for! Pack your bags and start your travel with these kickass ideas.

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With Thanks to Creative Coach and GoPlanner