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Watching shows like “Bizarre Foods” and “The Getaway” looks glamorous and many of us have dreamed of being paid to travel. For many the only option seems to be to save and travel when we have enough money but there are more people traveling for work than just the few we see on TV.  It is possible to earn good money while traveling and quenching our thirst to see the world.

1) Blogging

Having a travel blog is one of the best examples of sharing our experience and earning money. Observe what kind of things people look for when they watch or read travel directories. Some people look for the budget while some may look for the food or adventure. Choose what part of the trip we want to focus on and tell people about.

The more famous the blogs the more money can be earned. If blogs gets famous enough then they may be asked to sponsor products, hotels and even flights,

2) Chef

Being a Chef on TV may be what we all first think of, but being in the F&B space makes traveling more attainable as there are often jobs available in hotels, bars, and restaurants at our travel destination. Save up enough money to get to where we want to go and there should be work there to fund our travel experience and either get us home, or to the next destination

3) Host/Hostess

I’ve used these words deliberately as I am not just talking about flight attendants. Similar service work can be found on boats, and even at destination resorts as well as theme parks. If we have a flair for customer service and a big personality these kind of jobs are readily available. They may not pay well but accommodation is usually part of the deal and travel is certainly plentiful.

Traditionally working on cruises and ocean liners was a good way to save money, as there is no need to pay regular bills and food expenses whilst you are on the boat

4) Croupier

You will need to get qualified and it isn’t as glamorous as it looks, but this certainly opens doors when it comes to working overseas. Think about the cities where this would create opportunities – London, Paris, Vegas, Monaco, Macao, and more. Of course the hours are unsociable but that means more daylight hours for exploring.

5) Auditor

Really? Why is that on the list? I actually used to know a team of international auditors who traveled the world for a large corporation. They were lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed all the travel at their employers expense. The truth is that most professionals can have the opportunity to travel if they are open to it either in head office jobs that travel, or by taking short term postings overseas (I used to do this for insurance companies). Most family centred employees do not want to be away from home for extended periods so it tends to be a younger profile that chooses this kind of work

In a similar space, many management consultants get to travel extensively – so either join one of the big 4  or get yourself a specialism that allows you to consult

6) Travel Agent

Sure the job itself may not require you to travel, although it can. Regardless of that, think of all the deals that you will get first access to, plus you learn the ropes as to how and when to book to get the best value.

7) Corporate Buyer / Sourcing Agent  

The days of getting wined and dined around the Globe by potential suppliers may be over now that everyone is worried about corruption but that doesn’t stop this being a great job for traveling. Lots of overseas trade shows, and  then there are deals to be signed, factories to be checked out etc… and it pays well.

We didn’t expect to get all the answers in here – you may have a better job that allows you to travel or a better idea – or you may think our ideas suck. Feel free to comment either way

While you are thinking about a career in travel, maybe you want to think about some precautions and read our post on staying safe when you travel?

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