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The world has gotten much smaller because of air travel, and that is generally a good thing. Its important to consider other modes of transport for a number of reasons including, cost, ecology, and sometime simply just slowing down and making the most of the journey.

The Ocean can be frightening but before air travel, boats were the only way to cross the large oceans. We are not generally scared of Giant Squid and Kraken sinking our boats anymore and generally speaking, even the larger ocean life is fascinating, rather than frightening. You will also have the opportunity to see many sights that you would not see from land, or from the sky.

Our top benefits of Ocean Travel are as follows: –

It is Cheap:

OK, it can be expensive if you take a 6 star cruise but generally speaking Ocean travel is cheaper than air travel. If budget is stopping you from taking a family vacation then traveling by boat may be the answer. You can also find work on boats and ships in both the leisure and commercial sector which could allow you to get paid for traveling rather than getting stuck with a bill.

It is useful for Bulky goods:

Boats have been the answer for Bulky Items since pre-biblical times. If you have a lot of stuff to move boats are the answer. No 20KG maximum luggage allowance here!

It is like a moving town:

We might think of restaurant buffets, hotel style accommodations and of course a pool on a luxury cruise but you can also do shopping, watch a movie and maybe even enjoy theme park style rides. You can definitely go to the gym and there is likely to be a Dr surgery and a Dentist on board as well as banking facilities, internet cafes and more.

Entertainment and Sightseeing:

Adding to the point above, cruise ships in particular are likely to have a vibrant night life with bars and nightclubs. They will make multiple stops for sightseeing as well as pointing out sights that you can see without disembarking, and there will be activities including games and sports which will stop you from ever being bored

You can slow down.

This must be the number one reason to travel by boat. Take a breath, read a book, disconnect. Enjoy the experience of getting to where you are going rather than focusing on what you will do when you get there.


Give yourself a memorable treat in your next Journey. Experience the fun and excitement that comes with travelling by sea.

With thanks to Olamide Olaleye for his insights. If you enjoyed this you may also like his post on the 10 Safest Places to visit in Africa