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5 Pocket Friendly Ways You Can Fly To Africa

Once you arrive in Africa, it’s easy on a shoestring to explore the continent. Unfortunately, getting there will still be costly if you’re flying from the United States-but there are ways to reduce the cost. Savvy travelers can save hundreds of dollars on cheap fly air, from avoiding peak travel times to booking several months in advance, leaving you more space in the budget for new adventures once you get there. Although the following tips are intended for those who fly from the United States to Africa, they can also be used to book cheap flights from just about anywhere.

1. Dates can make a difference.

Since you can be flexible with your dates, a great way to save money is to opt for off-season travel. Consider planning a Christmas time outing, during school holidays, or in summer peaks. If you’re heading to a southern hemisphere like South Africa, have to think about two “summer” seasons: July / August, as tourists from America and Europe, enjoy their summer holidays and the season in South Africa in December / January. When you fly to a Muslim country, such as Egypt or Tunisia, airfares during Ramadan will also rise dramatically. Picking your dates does not automatically mean selecting the best month to fly. It’s all about picking the best day of the week. Long-haul flights leaving on a Thursday and returning on a Monday cost an average 20 percent less than those leaving on a Friday and returning on a Saturday, according to a report published in 2015 by travel technology company Expedia. In general, the most expensive day to fly on is Friday. Make sure you play around with your dates when booking-you’ll be surprised by the difference a day or two can make to the overall price.

2. Consider advance booking

Book your flights as soon as possible, once you have selected your dates. Since there are relatively few routes from the U.S. to Africa, the cheap seats fill up fast. That ensures that if you leave it to book at the last minute, you would definitely pay high rates. Typically flights are available 11 months before departure, giving you plenty of time to get the competition going. However, there is one drawback; however, if tickets don’t sell well after a couple of months, airlines will drop prices to fill seats. You need to know if you’re ready to take the waiting chance and see if that happens.

3. Search and Compare prices

The easiest way to save money is booking your own flights, rather than charging travel agents a commission fee. Usually, using a flight comparison tool that can evaluate all the airlines running your preferred route and arrive at the best price (including any offers that might run at the time) is the best way to do that. Some websites allow you to set a price warning so that you can wait to see if flights are getting cheaper, and some allow you to test flexible dates so that you can see the time you need to travel with just one click. There is an exception to this law if you’re under 26. Test prices before you book online with student travel agency STA Travel, as they also have unique deals for young travelers who do not have access to comparison websites.

4. Fly Indirect via Europe or the Middle East

Direct flights from the U.S. to Africa are comfortable, but they are out of the question of whether holding costs to a minimum is a priority. Alternatively, you’ll need to schedule at least one layover (and maybe more if you’re flying off the west coast, or if your ultimate destination is especially remote). Often, the cheapest flights connect via the onetime colonial counterpart of a nation. For instance –, the cheapest flights to South Africa typically connect via London; flights to Namibia link via Frankfurt, and many Western African countries are better served by flights stopping in Paris. Many of Africa’s cheapest airlines (e.g., Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, and Kenya Airways) sell indirect flights. Traditionally, flights from the U.S. to Africa have stopped in Europe but, with Dubai as your layover destination, Emirates is gradually offering inexpensive fares. Using a platform for flight analysis, you will be able to filter the flight results according to the number of stops you are prepared to accept. 5. Consider the more comprehensive picture. Booking the flight with the best value is not always as easy as choosing the cheapest choice on the comparison website’s results page. Airlines will also tempt travelers with impressively cheap base fares, only to find out halfway through the booking process that you have to pay extra to carry a bag, pay with your credit card or enjoy an in-flight meal. Make sure you find out what’s included then change your list. Likewise, keep an eye out for subtle modifications to your final bill when you book online, such as optional text warning fees, seat selection, or baggage insurance fees.

Bonus point

Finally, it may seem like a good idea to book each leg of your trip separately, particularly if you want to avoid paying for everything at once. Furthermore, if your trip is not booked on a single ticket, if you end up missing your connecting flight due to delays, you will definitely run into problems. You could end up having to pay for a brand new fare instead of the airline re-booking you into the next flight for free. We hope this article helped you find out cheap flights easily. Looking forward to your feedback. Happy traveling!