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Everybody knows that Travel does not come cheap. Even when you get a cheap flight and a cheap hotel, travel and expenditure have always been  intertwined.

If you are feeling a bit tight financially but still feel the need to get away; here is a list of places where you can plan your next international trip, that are low on budget without compromising the travel experience.

1.Dominican Republic

There is no doubt that The Dominican Republic is a stunning place, abundantly blessed with greenery that is present across the length and breadth of the Country. For food, you can go to the Comedor, which is a local eatery where the prices are always on the lower side. Consider the ‘Guagua’ (bus) for transport, and there are some hostels where lodging, as well as the food, is cheaper and includes free coffee and Wi-Fi freely available.


Cambodia has successfully emerged as one of the most preferred destinations in the South-East Asian region. When we think of Cambodia, our attention at once gravitates towards Angkor Wat but there is a lot more to the Country with Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville each having a very different cultural appeal. Lodgings and food in Cambodia are extremely good value despite the excellent quality.

Tourists and business travelers may obtain a Cambodian visa on arrival which is valid for one month at the airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. As well as your passport being valid for at least six months you will need a current passport-sized photo. Note that departure tax is paid on all domestic and international flights, so don’t spend the last of your money.

3.Republic of Panama

The Republic of Panama is a perfect fit low-budget destination. The country is a popular tourist destination for its name-sake city. Situated in Central America, the country has an amazing nightlife. The place with all its amenities is never beyond affordable and accommodation, as well as food, is very much on the cheaper side.

All visitors require a valid passport valid for at least 3 months and an onward/return ticket. Extra requirements vary according to nationality and are subject to change. You should check with The Panamanian Consulate, Embassy or ticketing agents for airlines that fly to Panama to obtain the most updated and accurate information.


Ireland has recently witnessed a recession resulting in lower flight prices. If you head for the rural parts of the country, the cost will dip even further making your total budget stretch even further. Ireland is an amazing place to explore, with many activities an points of interest being free.

You should aim to see the Giants Causeway and to Kiss the Blarney Stone if your itinerary allows. Remember to check on visa requirements before you boo your tickets.


Located on the bank of the elegant river Danube, Budapest is not only an exceptionally stunning European nation, it also happens to be pocket-friendly. Both lodgings and food are of a good quality and also easy-going on your pocket. Even the price of a glass of beer is acceptable to all but the cheapest traveler.

These locations will all satisfy the wanderlust in you, a day spent in any of these places is as precious a memory as any high-cost destination.

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