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Traveling is all about seeing new things, meeting new people and understanding different cultures. Before planning any trip we have to think about the cost and the comfort. Usually compromise is needed on at least one of them. Sometimes we may end up compromising the destination and completely miss the beauty and adventure it had in store for us.
Our 5 suggested strategies should help you to avoid or at least minimize the compromise: -.

1) Airbnb
By registering our home when we go on vacation, we enable other  travelers to benefit, but also offset the cost of our own travel. Usually when we go on vacation our home is left empty, but with Airbnb other people can stay in our home while they are traveling. This gives travelers a space of their own to stay in and provides amenities such as the ability to cook, which you don’t get in most hotels.
The safety of the house and our belongings are Airbnb’s responsibility so we don’t have to worry about it while we are off seeing the world

2) G Adventures
G Adventures plan our trip for us and make it their goal for us to experience everything a destination has to offer. G Adventures create small groups of travelers to visit attractions and experience them together. This is a great way to meet new people and maybe learn a bit about their home culture while experiencing the local sites. You can also check out Meetup.com where you can jump into someone else’s arrangements

3) The more the merrier
There are often discounts available for people going in bigger groups. The larger the group the smaller the cost per person for the outing or experience. Traveling with a group can change an experience as  more people can mean more food and more fun, but it may also reduce flexibility.
Travel costs are less if a lot of rooms or seats are booked at once. You may be able to negotiate a discount yourself if you can put together a group of like minded travelers. Think about using sites like meetup.com to create a group for site seeing once you have arrived

4) Couples and family discounts
Whilst not every travel website has a specific discount for couples, there may be surcharges for single travelers. From both a business and personal point of view traveling with a companion makes sense. We get to enjoy the company of our best friend or partner without a big increase in cost, and the hotel get the benefit of 2 guests, double the extras like breakfasts, bar bills etc.
It is always worth mentioning if you are on honeymoon, or celebrating a wedding anniversary or even a birthday as many hotels and airlines will provide upgrades and other extras – of course we would never suggest saying it is if it actually isn’t. The Aimviva Travel Club provides discount on membership for family groups making the cost per person significantly cheaper.

5) Frequent traveler offers
Whether you travel a lot by ‘plane or regularly use the same hotel chain you could benefit from frequent flyer or hotel loyalty programs. Many of the larger airline and hotel chains work together so that you can convert your air-miles into hotel points, or vice versa. Websites like flyertalk.com are full of tips for maximizing your miles both when you are collecting them, and when you want to spend them.

Even people who do not travel a lot can earn miles from non-air partners most programs have partners such as restaurants, credit cards, opening bank accounts, supermarkets even some e-commerce stores will reward you with air-miles

Making the most of some of these offers and discounts, can make exploring new places and cultures seems a lot more fun. Everyone loves a deal especially when it comes to travel, even when there are inconvenient black-out dates a little research and a little creativity can lead to some fantastic memories.

As a final tip, do you know that you can usually use air-miles to book tickets for your friends or family? So if you have relatives overseas why not surprise the whole family by helping them visit?

For even more ideas on how to get the most out of travel have a look at our post on saving money when you travel: – 7 Kickass ways to save when you travel

Don’t forget The Aimviva Travel Club is fantastic value for money and should save you $$$ in the long run

With Thanks to Creative Coach and GoPlanner