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An adventure during a vacation is the perfect getaway from work. If you cannot just lie down next to a pool or at the beach, then planning something exciting is the only way to travel.

Here are a few activities to try out when you are traveling to another place:

1. Take the Bhutan back route

Escape the crowds on the climb to the cliff-clinging Taktsang Monastery. This Himalayan kingdom is well documented in photographs. The monastery is reached through the Bumdra Trek, a gentle challenge for a dramatic pay-off.

Experience traditional life at farmhouse home stays, spot black-necked cranes, and visit the temple of the “Divine Madman” near Punakha’s monumental Dzong (fortress-monastery).

This  temple dedicated to an outrageous Lama (Drukpa Kunley –chimi Lhakhang) sits atop a small hillock barely 15 km away from Punakha.

2. Get into peak condition in Nepal

Expedition to the high Himalayas. Trek to more than six thousand meters above sea level for your fill of thrills. Why not join a mountaineering skills programme in the high Himalaya in Nepal?

Peak climbing in Nepal is the real deal. After a scenic trek through pine forests, you will rehearse using knots and fixed lines, placing rock and snow anchors, belaying, rock and ice climbing all against the backdrop of 23,000 ft peaks.

3. Explore Madagascar

Rainforest and desert, hiking and diving, are all possible in Madagascar.  Discover weird wildlife and quirky landscapes dissimilar to any other, on a one-off journey.

If you need inspiration check out The Guidebook by Hilary Bradt and her co-author Daniel Austin.

Amongst rainforest, bulbous baobabs, limestone pinnacles, and bizarre spiny bush you will spot lemurs, chameleons and plenty of other oddities on the Red Island.

4. Kayak with killers in Canada

Spending four days at a luxurious base camp for kayaking and killer whale’s, will change your idea of the wilderness forever.

Listen to the warm-blooded killers during a kayaking adventure off Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Guides dip hydrophones into the water to pick up the songs of the journeying Orca.

You will see and hear humpback whales on your paddling expeditions.

Push up the predator tally at Knight Inlet and the Great Bear Rainforest, where you can meet grizzlies and bald eagles.

5. Trek into Borneo’s lost world

For the ultimate Jungle experience; try  jungle trekking within the natural beauty and astounding scenery of Borneo’s last great wilderness; Sabah’s Lost World – The Maliau Basin.

This biological wonderland is difficult to reach and is best suited for those who won’t miss the city’s comforts. Join explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison’s guides on a return to the remote Maliau Basin in Borneo; 40 years after leading the first major expedition.

After a four-day trek into this hot-spot of Biodiversity, home to the threatened Sumatran rhino and clouded leopard, go ahead to the Danum Valley in search of leopard cats, and meet the scientists studying the rain-forest.


We hope you like our suggested adventures? We’d like to hear where you have been, or are desperate to get to for an adrenaline filled getaway?

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