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Every country has something of note for the well informed traveler to seek out – Some are famous for natural beauty, some for religious purposes, some for historical importance, and some for adventurous activities. While many tourists like to relax and enjoy the sun, sand and sea, others want to take on  challenges. Indeed there is a huge growth in experiential holidays which includes those which cater to thrill seekers, this article highlights 5 incredibly adventurous places that you may not have thought of: –

1) New Zealand
Rock climber’s and Mountaineers will always love New Zealand. The backbone of the country is a string of  mountain peaks. New Zealand tends to have great weather meaning the view from the top of these peaks is mesmerizing and the air is unpolluted and clean. Experience is not always required but you will need a guide to show you the routes, knots and major spots.

New Zealand is famous for “high Adventure” – a heaven for all adventure lovers including –Bungy jumping, jet boating, rafting, zip lining, rappelling, off-road driving, and of course Diving. Health and Safety regulations are rigorous and any adventure activity you try in New Zealand is bound to have been checked thoroughly.

2) South Africa
Known for the most treacherous coastline in the world. One of the major tourist attractions is cage diving with great white sharks. You can also can see many wonderful water creatures if you go sea walking.

The Garden route in South Africa is famous for adventurous tourist attractions. Along with its natural beauty, the place is fantastic for outdoor enthusiasts. Jeep safaris or walking safaris in nearly 2 million hectares of natural park.

Of course this is Africa and has much more to offer like hiking trails, mountains to climb, scenic drives and swimming with dolphins to name just a few. There are also some amazing races like the 2 Oceans, Comrades, and the Cape Argus Bike race

3) Norway
This place is filled with adventurous activities. The famous attractions include ski jumping in Oslo, Amusement parks, Ski Resorts and bird-filled coastlines. Mountains and waterfalls attract many hikers and cross-country skiers from all over the world, the scenery is simply stunning.

Norway is most famous for Winter Activities including skating, 300 miles of Nordic ski trails, curling and sleigh rides. Even with all of this, one of the most thrilling activities in Norway is Scuba Diving from the Atlantic Ocean Road. The rich marine life, exciting underwater landscapes and loads of wrecks make for an unforgettable diving holiday. Water temperatures can be compared to those way further south in Europe especially in the cold season thanks to the Gulf stream.

Whilst Summers are short, Norway is well worth visiting in Summer. The people are warm year round but a sunny day in Oslo is something to really be enjoyed.

4) Italy
Famous for romance and historic architecture, but surprisingly filled with hidden gems for the adventure enthusiast. One of the less famous activities is exploring the extensive cave systems in Italy, where The Grotta di Monte Cucco is famous for being the deepest cave in the world.

The majestic mountains in the North offer skiing, snowboarding, parasailing, kayaking and exceptional cycling. Apart from these Italy can offer the magical experience of Heli-Skiing, Paragliding, and two-wheeled city tours. Surely one of the most adrenaline filled activities in the world is riding a scooter through modern Rome?

Italy also has great Scuba diving, and incredible rock formations which should not be missed by any nature lover.

5) Germany
Truly the home of big thrills including the No-Speed limit Autobahn and the “Green Hell” or Nürburgring race track. If you want something special at a slower pace, try to experience the sleep-in sky tents, known as portaledges. “The hanging tent features a fabric-covered platform supported by a metal frame, that is suspended from a secured single point. At Waldseilgarten, the tents are suspended from thick branches of large free-standing trees, where guests can only ascend or descend with rope assistance”.

Germany has loads of adventure activities to offer like sky-diving, winter sports, Log rafting between may and September, and lighthouse climbing for a thrilling view of nature. Germany is also great for Bungee jumping, Cycling, and Hiking. without a doubt the Germans will keep you active and challenge your fears if you let them!

Adventure travel will  give you a sense of achievement as you challenge yourself, and succeed. We hope some of our ideas above will inspire you to push yourself out of your comfort zone on your next vacation.

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