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When it comes to travel, many tourists have blacklisted Africa. It is important to remember that Africa is one of the largest continents and is made up of many different countries – most of which are considered safe. It is good to do your research but don’t hinder yourself from all the fun and adventure in The Dark Continent!

In no particular order, here are 10 safest places to visit in Africa;


Surrounded by a very wide desert, Namibia is popular for road trips, and stargazing because of the wide open space with minimal light pollution. You may also want to experience wildlife safaris, sky diving and quad biking.

Namibia has very low reported crime rates across the country.

Namibia is a wonderful choice for those planning to travel to Africa, it  has consistent weather and can be visited anytime of year.


Very convenient and safe for tourists. The crime rate in Ethiopia is almost zero. Whilst still considered a developing country, the tourist industry in Ethiopia is developing rapidly. It is another destination that makes sense year round.


Reportedly the safest place in Africa; it even ranks well among the safest places in the world. Rwanda has put great thought into their reaction to the genocide that happened in the country in 1994.

Now you can sleep with your doors open in Rwanda and travelers have a wonderful and safe experience when visiting. June to September is the dry season.          However you can travel to Rwanda at any time.


Also a very safe place to visit in Africa with minimal security threats. Mauritius is specially a perfect location for holidays and maybe most famous for its beach resorts.

People in Mauritius live as families. Tourists and travelers are received warmly and are sure to stay safe. May to November are the driest and coolest months in            Mauritius.


Surrounded by islands and may not even enter your mind as you think of Africa. The Seychelles are glamorous and of course very safe for travelers.

For maximum fun, April/May and October/November are the best months to visit Seychelles.


A wonderful country with minimal crime. There have not been the disturbances here that we have seen in other parts of North Africa.

Tourism is well established, and there are many professional tourist organizations to assist tourists.

Morocco tends to be very hot in summer, so try to visit in April/May or September/October.


Also known to be safe for travelers. Its wilderness areas are well known and widely visited.

Zambia is great for sight-seeing, with plenty of well trained Guides to ensure you stay . safe while viewing wildlife.

The best time for wildlife is May to October, but if you wanted to see Victoria Falls at maximum splendor try visiting between  June and September.


A prominent country in Africa, it remains very safe for tourists despite some reported political turmoil. Kenya has the most established safari industry in Africa.

Wildlife is best viewed in Kenya from July to October.


A mountainous country, also known for the safely of tourists. Travelers mostly travel to the rural areas, which are known to have little or no crime.

Tourists can enjoy relaxation and typical mountain activities like hiking and skiing.


Also safe for tourists. There is diverse wildlife available in areas like the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park – our feature photo is taken in Chobe.

There are well established Guides for visitors, which assures their safety

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With thanks to Olamide Olaleye for his insights