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As travel becomes easier it is easy to overlook safety issues. We jump on a plane and go, and most of the time everything is fine.

Some places however have a higher share of crime than others. Following on from our recent piece on the safest places in Africa and in no particular order, here are our 10 most dangerous places to visit in Asia;

Karachi, Pakistan: Karachi,

Pakistan is ranked poorly when it comes to safety. Some believe that it is the most dangerous city in Asia. With around 20 million residents; Karachi has more than its share of violence, and crime.

Security issues are such that leisure travelers are advised to avoid visiting.

Dhaka, Bangladesh:

The capital city and also the largest city in Bangladesh has a population of about 14 million.

Dhaka is often used as a channel for Drug trafficking and has also been flagged internationally for both political and religious violence.

The Police are underfunded and under-equipped to deal with the scale of the problems.

Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia:

The Capital city of Mongolia, suffers from higher rates of theft, rape and assault. Foreigners are not immune and are often victim to pick-pocketing and stolen property.

Manila, Philippines:

Despite being a recognized tourist center, Manila has a high crime rate.

Hoodlums, robbers and local gangs are active across the city and foreigners should remain alert to problems with kidnapping, and theft in particular.

Kabul Afghanistan:

Still essentially a war zone, Kabul continues to suffer terrorist attacks including seemingly random bombings.

Security threats are numerous and random violence not uncommon. Your travel insurance is unlikely to cover you here.

Baghdad, Iraq:

One of the countries on the “Do NOT Visit” black list for the USA.

Baghdad is filled with conflict, and no sign of peace anytime soon.

Terrorist incidents remain highly unpredictable. Travelers are highly advised to stay away from this city.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and is also a popular tourist destination.

The crime rate in Kuala Lumpur is surprisingly high with cases of kidnap, robbery, murder, and rape.

It is not unusual for tourists to be targeted, and most Singaporeans will gleefully tell you tales of a friend of a friend who met their untimely end in KL.

Tehran, Iran:

The capital city of Iran and also the largest city.

Tehran suffers from drug-trafficking, kidnapping, murder, fraud and more.

This is another destination that may not be covered by your standard travel insurance.

Yangon, Myanmar:

The capital city of Myanmar has been rated the second most dangerous city in all of Asia.

Despite being more stable in recent years, and having an appeal for tourists who want to get off the beaten path – Yangon is not a safe city.

Be aware of what is going on at all times.

Quezon City, Philippines:

One of the most populated cities in Philippines, has high incidents of reported crime including Murder, Robberies, and Kidnapping.

Quezon City is unstable; and travelers are advised to be careful.


Unless your destination is on a blacklist, you should not be overly worried, but it does pay to be alert and aware when we are going to more dangerous cities.

Statistically we remain unlikely to come to any harm – but walking around in a daze holding a map is unlikely to improve our chances of avoiding trouble.

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With thanks to Olamide Olaleye for his insights